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Going Deeper
With Dr. Stacey L. Beason

Join us as we dig deeper into various topics. Hop into the discussion and broaden your horizon's with wisdom from our very own Dr. Stacey L. Beason.
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"Am I Predestined, or Just Another Pawn in the Game"? This publication is derived from Dr. Stacey Beason's dissertation which was entitled, "When Wesley Meets Calvin". It deals with the free will of man, the sovereighty of God, and the clash between the teachings of John Calvin (The T.U.L.I.P.), John Wesley, and Jacabus Arminius. This book answers the questions of, "Do we really have a choice and a free will of how we live our lives? And do we have control of our own destiny? Or does God's sovereignty override our will and control our destiny to its appointed end just like the hand that moves the pawn on chess board? Are we really in control of our own will, or are we being used as pawns in the game called life?